out of shape

A new collection from award-winning New Zealand poet Sue Wootton

A poem is a physical creature. It has form and texture and colour. It drums or taps or sings or recites. It poses or gestures or darts or runs. Each poem in Out of Shape was originally written as a ‘standard’ poem (is there such a beast?), but in each case a visual form began to emerge from the block of text, and this aspect of the work became necessary to the poem, as essential to its body as the words are to its pulse.
     In setting these poems to paper, in her handling of the type, in the muscular work of pressing ink to the page, Caren’s own physicality – her intelligence, warmth and strength – infuses and enriches these poems. I know the poems are happy. They love being so fully realised, so complete. - Sue Wootton

Out of Shape launch - 6 May 2014
Out of Shape exhibition

out of shape

10 Poems by Sue Wootton

6 May - 4 July 2014
The Fix, 15 Frederick St, Dunedin

(to purchase a framed shape poem, contact Sue)

Design and production by Caren Florance, Canberra, 2013
Ampersand Duck Selected Poems 3

Handset letterpress in a soft palette of blue, green, brown and red on Magnani Velata Avorio wove mould-made Italian paper. Eleven folded page spreads, unbound in a hand-printed, hand-rolled two-colour washi paper wrapper. Dimensions: 23cm x 23 cm x 1cm.

Limited edition of 30
A$250 pph; NZ $265 pph

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